How to cope with the challenge of web attacks

Websites represent the brand image of a business and are often the first and only place customers come into contact with a company.

As such, they need to provide users with assurance that they are secure and resistant against threats that can lead to identity theft, loss of personal information, credit card hacking or the spread of botnet infection. Sites should be able to repel attacks that can cause slow-downs or even a complete crash. Unfortunately many businesses, especially smaller ones, do not take enough precautions due to lack of knowledge or resources.

When a website has been compromised, users lose trust in the site and in the brand, causing at best a loss of revenue. However, a breach also has the potential not only to disrupt a business, but even to shut it down forever.

International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS), the wholesale unit of Deutsche Telekom, has developed a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions to help cope with the challenge of website attacks.

Secure Domain Name System (DNS)

To guard against a complete shut-down and to ensure that a site is always running and functioning at its best, Deutsche Telekom ICSS offers a domain name system (DNS) management solution called ICSS Route. The company recognized a growing need for this service, as many businesses today still rely on DNS technology that is outdated or deployed in unsafe infrastructures.

ICSS Route is a high-performance, high-availability, scalable platform -that provides resilience against DDoS attacks as well as localized internet failures. Since it does not operate in the recursive mode, it is immune to cache poisoning attacks and other risks.

Secure Content Delivery

To provide secure transmission that is also extremely fast, Deutsche Telekom ICSS offers content delivery solutions, which were built to handle millions of simultaneous users as well as sudden spikes. To do that, PoPs have been set up in strategic locations around the world. Each has large computing and caching power and direct connections to all major backbone networks.

Deutsche Telekom ICSS delivers content where, when and how it was intended through the use of an HTTP rules engine. This affords added benefits such as reducing load on origin servers by offloading the client's rules to the ICSS processing engine. In addition to secure delivery, safety of the content itself is of course of utmost importance. For that, ICSS supports a variety of SSL certificates, SWF, token and live authentication options, as well as geo-filtering and protected HTTP streaming to encrypt video streams.

Secure Web Applications

With the increasing number of security threats, the level of hacker sophistication is also on the rise. As an example, a massive assault occurred in the USA in 2015, where 105 million individuals were affected by medical identity theft. The organizations hit were some of biggest in the health field. It has been calculated that besides adding to the victims' financial and medical problems, this fraud could mean a 10 percent increase in spending for governmental health support programs.

While it is almost impossible to track down the culprits behind malicious attacks, individual businesses can help to prevent them from occurring on their sites thanks to the distributed denial of service (DDoS) identification and mitigation technologies from Deutsche Telekom ICSS. These help keep sites secure against DoS and DDoS attacks and protect web applications against malicious payloads and certain types of assaults such as SQL injections, bots and cross-site scripts.

IP Transit Security

The IP Transit Security solution rounds out Deutsche Telekom ICSS's offerings for website protection. This cutting-edge defense system detects possible attacks and then works to mitigate the problem. Reporting and management systems provide transparency so that normal traffic flow can be distinguished from anomalies. In case of an attack, traffic is routed to secure areas while unwanted traffic is blocked. To quickly initiate defense mechanisms, a team of dedicated specialists is available 24/7.