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Telenor launches Europe’s first VoLTE roaming

Written on Wednesday, 09 January 2019 09:52

Telenor Denmark has launched Europe’s first outbound VoLTE roaming service.

Due to the shutdown of its 2G and 3G networks, the telco industry’s VoLTE roaming implementation pace had been running very slowly and sought an alternative voice roaming solution. In October 2018, Telenor Denmark welcomed its outbound VoLTE roaming.

In the same month, Telenor Norway opened for inbound VoLTE traffic from Telenor Denmark.

Telenor’s Global Wholesale unit has played a significant role in making VoLTE roaming become reality in Telenor by coordinating efforts across all company units. Telenor Norway and Denmark were chosen as pilot project in order to learn and build the necessary competence that will be used to address other Telenor units and their specific network and billing challenges. This means that upcoming Telenor affiliates can implement VoLTE roaming faster and more efficient, which also includes cost synergies.

Harald Krogh, CEO of Telenor Group’s Global Wholesale unit says “I am proud that Telenor now has taken the first steps towards establishing a new voice roaming solution. However, VoLTE roaming is not a single operator’s task. It can only be valuable if the whole industry embraces the challenge and makes the substantial efforts which are necessary to move voice roaming from 2G/3G to VoLTE. As an industry it is time to work together, enable the shutdown of the legacy networks and thereby simplify and optimize the way we work.”

For the time being Telenor has enabled VoLTE roaming only on selected handsets from Sony and Samsung. In order to speed up VoLTE roaming rollout and start looking for effective ways to enable VoLTE roaming for all customers, it is urged to onboard other handset vendors as well.

“If Telenor are to succeed with this, we need both our roaming partners and handset vendors to give more attention to VoLTE roaming and contribute with their pieces of this important roaming puzzle. This is where our focus will be in the months to come. We have a solution ready for inbound as well as outbound and are now working with onboarding one affiliate at a time”, Krogh adds.

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US technology colossus Apple is reportedly renegading on a previous commitment that they made to the Irish government on the construction of $1 billion data center in rural Ireland. Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has publicly disclosed that Apple CEO Tim Cook will no longer commit to the ambitious project.

However, the Taoiseach stressed that Dublin would do everything necessary in order to keep the project alive and facilitate whatever Apple needs to see the data center constructed. Apple initially disclosed its intentions to erect the facility in a rural location in the West of Ireland in February 2015. Its decision to go to a rural location was to take advantage of green energy sources located nearby.

However, the project has been subject to lengthy delays due to a number of planning objections over the last two years, and now Apple is eyeing up other potential location for the construction of its new data center. Varadkar met Apple’s CEO, but admitted that Cook did not commit to the proceeding with the project.

The Taoiseach said, “We didn’t get a start date, or a definite commitment or anything like that, but I did stress to Apple that the government would do anything within our power to facilitate the resumption of the project.”

Ireland’s Prime Minister is currently touring the US meeting potential new investors. Ireland relies heavily on foreign multinational companies like Apple for the creation of one in every 10 jobs created across the economy and sees major investments such as data centers as a means of securing their presence in the country.

Apple declined to commit when pressed on whether they remained committed to the project. A similar Apple center which was announced at the same time in Denmark is set to begin operations later this year, whilst Apple also announced in July that it would build its second EU data center in the Nordic region.

The government has said it is considering amending its planning laws to include data centers as strategic infrastructure, thus allowing them to get through the planning process much more quickly. However, such legislation is expected to be met with opposition by those within parliament.

Ireland has a checkered history when it comes to planning permission and previous governments have been brought down due to shady financial agreements between developers and politicians. A change in legislation to facilitate Apple’s attempts to construct their data center is not likely to be well received by the general public still dismayed at the country’s refusal to accept an EU ruling that Apple owed the state €13 billion in unpaid taxes.

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Norweigan telecom firm Telenor and Sweden’s Telia have signed a managed services contract with Nokia that will see the company manage their joint mobile radio network in Denmark. The agreement will allow Telia and Telenor to offer customers of Denmark's largest mobile network even better coverage and greater capacity for a world-class mobile experience, Nokia said in a release.

“The combination of Telia and Telenor's network has been a historic business,” said Henrik Kofod, CTO, Telia Denmark. “Today we have a world-class mobile network, and this step to have Nokia manage it for us will ensure we also have the best network in five or ten years. Therefore, I am pleased that we have concluded a solid agreement with one of the world's most powerful network providers.”

Nokia will take over all operational and development tasks of Telia and Telenor's radio access network in October 2017, and provide network planning and optimization, network implementation, and network operations for the network that consists of more than 4,000 mobile sites around the country, Nokia said. This will expand network capacity, ensure a quality boost in the customer experience and pave the way for the introduction of new technologies.

“Telia and Telenor are focused on exceeding the requirements of their customers,” said Igor Leprince, president of Global Services, Nokia. “In selecting their new managed services provider, the operators highlighted the need for experience, quality, capacity and, not least, security. Nokia will provide the two operators services that will allow them to deliver the best experience to their customers.”

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Danish tech firm NERVE caused a stir at this year’s 2nd International Conference on Future Mobility in the UAE. NERVE showcased some of the company’s latest in electric and driverless vehicle technology, set to completely disrupt urban transportation models the world over, such as its Smart Cruiser, a next-generation and multifunctional public transport solution; and the world’s fastest autonomous motorcycle.

Smart, green and multifunctional, Smart Cruiser is an intelligent electric vehicle with flawless suspension and robot technology, giving it unmatched high-speed, all-terrain capability. Already being piloted for roll out in Copenhagen, the bus can ferry people from A to B, distribute goods, clean the streets and even double as civil defense tool. In some versions, it also boasts a pair of touch sensitive robotic arms, directed by a control center, and capable of helping children, the elderly and the visually impaired to get on and off with safely and with ease.

Also on display at Future Mobility this year was NERVE’s renowned Autonomous Street Racer motorcycle, currently the world-record holder for the quickest electric motorcycle in the world. The motorcycle is expected to play an important role in the future of traffic management, police mobility and even emergency response infrastructure.

The 2nd International Conference on Future Mobility was inaugurated today by H.E. Dr. Rashid Bin Ahmed Bin Fahad, UAE Minister of State. During the conference, NERVE Founder and CTO Soeren O. Ekelund delivered an informative speech focusing on the delicate balance between people, society and technology, and how each must be considered to achieve a more sustainable future.

Commenting on the occasion, NERVE’s Founder and CTO Søren O. Ekelund said: “It’s great to be taking part in one of the region’s most important transport events. This is a unique opportunity for us to showcase some of the best of our creations to Dubai and the wider region, and to initiate important conversations with public and private sector partners about the future of transport and mobility in the UAE. Dubai is an ideal platform for testing new ideas and innovative technologies, and our research indicates that products like the Smart Cruiser and Autonomous Street Racer motorcycle could be optimally deployed here. If Dubai is to become a hub for sustainability, it needs technology to support that ambition.”

Headquartered in Denmark and with a regional office based in Dubai, NERVE traces its origins to 2002 and is committed to creating a better world through technology. The company works with governments and private sector corporations around the world to provide cutting-edge solutions to challenges affecting a broad number of sectors, including transport, urban planning, civil defense and energy. NERVE and its sister companies continue to act as developer, subcontractor and dealer to for Danish Railroads, Tesla, Jaguar, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Google and more.

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