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Vodafone launches WiFi as a service for businesses

Vodafone has launched WiFi as a service that allows business customers to offer, in their facilities, WiFi internet access to visitors and employees.

Powered by a centralized authentication and web traffic analysis platform, the service provides a rich set of features including a customized landing page, wide range of end user authentication methods, usage reports and footfall analysis.

With this platform, end users get internet access, while companies may extract end users' data that are relevant for their business depending on their network's traffic. For instance, the owner of a restaurant can find out the number of times a customer visited its restaurant and create special offers based on this data.

The product also provides data about WiFi users’ density, which can be used by local authorities for public areas in order to effectively manage security services. For example, the number of security personnel can be increased in agglomerated locations and surveillance cameras can be integrated for improved security.

WiFi as a service takes all the pain away from business customers by designing, building and operating their WiFi. Delivered as a scalable solution due to the centralized cloud infrastructure, new Hotspots can be easily added. The solution is presented without any implementation costs, with the customer paying a monthly fee for the duration of the contract. The service provides organizations with highly secure premium internet bandwidth with speeds of up to 1Gbps. 

By enriching their managed services portfolio, Vodafone Qatar positions itself as a one stop shop for all enterprise customer communication needs, ranging from mobile, fixed, IOT, datacenter solutions and WiFi.