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Telia Carrier boosts network quality in Europe with new Frankfurt-Warsaw DWDM route

Telia Carrier announced that it has extended the reach of its global, top-two ranked IP backbone to complete the Frankfurt-Warsaw Express, a direct DWDM route from Frankfurt, Germany to Warsaw, Poland. The additional route provides increased resiliency and redundancy to Telia Carrier’s network, offering wholesale IP Transit, Wavelength and Ethernet services for carriers, content providers, cloud providers and mobile operators in the region.

The Frankfurt-Warsaw Express includes break-outs in Prague and Nuremberg, allowing Telia Carrier to not only service the growing Czech and Polish regions, but also address network traffic coming in to Warsaw from China and Russia. Additionally, the wholesale carrier offers a low latency alternative path to major datacenter hotspots in Germany, such as Berlin and Munich. As well as offering customers increased quality of service, the Frankfurt-Warsaw Express further extends Telia Carrier’s top-two ranked global IP backbone, AS1299.

“Frankfurt to Warsaw is one of the largest telecom routes in Europe, this expansion enables Telia Carrier to serve customers in the region with diverse connections and low latency,” said Johan Godal, global product manager, wavelength and network outsourcing services at Telia Carrier. “By adding more routes eastward, Telia Carrier continues to be at the forefront of providing global connectivity services on a resilient backbone.”

Telia Carrier’s global fiber backbone has grown organically, without acquisitions and is the first to be 100G-enabled in both Europe and North America. It is also the first network to successfully transmit 1 Tb/s on its US network. According to Dyn Research’s global backbone rankings, AS1299, Telia Carrier’s global IP backbone is currently ranked top-two.