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US operator achieves 5G milestone in San Diego

Written on Tuesday, 15 January 2019 07:00

US telecommunications operator Sprint has achieved a 5G milestone following a pilot trial in the sun-kissed city of San Diego.

Sprint, which is owned by Japanese conglomerate SoftBank announced that it had completed a successful 5G OTA data transmission on its live network. Sprint CTO John Saw has expressed his delight at the success of the 5G project, and claims that it will provide a huge step forward in relation to the operators’ overall plans to launch next-generation services in the forthcoming months.

Sprint disclosed the details of the field test and revealed that it was conducted using 2.5GHz spectrum on the operators’ commercial network with radio equipment from Finnish vendor Nokia and a mobile test device from Qualcomm.

In addition to this, Sprint also disclosed that the trial demonstrated a successful handoff between 4G and 5G connectivity while streaming video, conducting Skype audio and video calls, and sending instant messages. Its test follows the completion of a 5G data transmission in a lab during December 2018. The operator earlier this week announced plans to release a Samsung 5G handset in 2019.

“Sprint 5G is now out of the lab and in the field as we prepare for our commercial launch in the first half of this year,” Saw said in a statement.

Nokia North America CTO Mike Murphy noted Sprint’s use of 2.5GHz spectrum for 5G will allow it to reuse existing 4G sites to provide both indoor and outdoor coverage: “This first standards-based call is thus a critical step towards Sprint’s offering of a 5G service to its customers.”

T-Mobile US recently claimed a similar milestone with what it said was the world’s first 5G data call and video call using 600MHz spectrum.

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Ooredoo announced that the company has reached another world-first milestone, with the delivery of the first live 5G home broadband devices.

The devices, which are currently being tested on Ooredoo’s 5G network before distribution, will work on both the Ooredoo 4G and 5G network and can achieve speeds of up to 2 Gbps, that’s 20 times the speeds of Ooredoo’s 100Mbps fibre.

With an Ooredoo 5G connection via the 5G home broadband device, Ooredoo customers will be able to download movies in seconds, seamlessly stream VR gaming experiences and video call like never before.

The company has announced that currently there are only a few 5G home broadband devices in the world, however Ooredoo is working to acquire more stock in the very near future.  As commercial production increases alongside the 5G roll-out, Ooredoo will aim to ensure Qatar is the first country to enable this next-generation technology for its customers.

Talking about the milestone, Waleed Al Sayed, Ooredoo’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Ooredoo is ecstatic to announce that last night, we became the first in the world to have a live commercial 5G home broadband device. This is another amazing world-first milestone for Ooredoo and Qatar and demonstrates that we are on track to offering 5G mega speeds for everyone in the very near future. I look forward to seeing how this technology will benefit all sectors in Qatar, from businesses, to education and beyond.”

Since the announcement of the first live 5G network in May 2018, Ooredoo has begun an intense 5G network roll-out plan across Qatar, with the aim to update 100 network stations to 5G, in the 3.5GHz spectrum band, within the next three months. 

The current live 5G sites, which include West Bay and Katara, have demonstrated an impressive speed of 2.51 Gbps with an extremely high throughput and low latency. Thanks to these results, Ooredoo is working to find 5G compatible devices from across the world to test them on the network, including next-generation Internet of Things applications such as smart cars, VR, AR and drones. 

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Facilities-based telecom and fiber consulting company APTelecom announced several milestones achievements to Active Telecoms for the first half of 2016.

Among the most notable milestones the company achieved over the first six months of 2016 include:

  • Network Builds: APTelecom has proudly been involved in the network builds and contract in force (CIF) milestones for clients Angola Cables and NTT Docomo Pacific. Angola Cables went CIF for its highly-anticipated South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) network earlier this year, and NTT Docomo Pacific announced its Guam to Saipan network build.
  • Client Growth and Expansion: APTelecom's client base has continued to increase throughout the first half of 2016, with expansion into new markets including France-IX in France.
  • APTelecom Digital Expansion: APTelecom continued to expand its digital presence in 2016, providing its global client base with access to the latest content, industry trends, and news on an ongoing basis. APTelecom's signature monthly expert video series on YouTube has received a warm response from clients and influencers in the subsea cable industry. Additionally, APTelecom's new website is expected to be launched in July 2016, and will include a range of new content and multimedia features.
  • Media Accolades and Recognitions: APTelecom's management team has been featured in a range of leading industry publications and events as experts on the subsea cable industry. So far in 2016, APTelecom's management team has been featured in Entrepreneur Radio, International Business Times, PTC '16, CommunicAsia, and others. Additionally, APTelecom Co-Founder and CEO Eric Handa will appear as a featured speaker at Submarine Networks World (SNW '16) this September in Singapore.
  • Pre-Sales Milestones: With half of 2016 in the books, APTelecom has reached a significant milestone this year, having seen over US $500 million in client systems achieve Ready For Service status (RFS), covering every continent on the globe.
  • State of Subsea: APTelecom's "State of Subsea" initiative has continued to accelerate, with more than $100,000 in donations secured for underprivileged markets that are still struggling with access to critical ICT functions and infrastructure.

"We're extremely encouraged by the momentum thus far in 2016," said Eric Handa, Co-founder and CEO of APTelecom. "Our ability to work with clients on a global scale for their subsea cable and fiber consulting needs has proven to be critical in this environment .We look forward to continuing to expand our footprint and help clients reach their subsea and fiber goals as we get deeper into 2016."