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T-Mobile US CEO confirms that it won’t use equipment from Chinese vendors

T-Mobile US CEO has confirmed the worst fears of Chinese telecommunication behemoths Huawei and ZTE by officially announcing that it will not use any equipment supplied by either vendor.

The CEO of the US mobile network operator, John Legere made the remarks ahead of a scheduled hearing with the US Congress regarding its proposed merger agreement with Sprint.

In a detailed statement T-Mobile US declared that it does not use any telecoms gear from either company in any area of their network and will never use it in their 5G network. In addition to this, it outlined that this stance would still apply in the event that the proposed merger is approved.

T Mobile US said, “New T-Mobile will buy network equipment only from trusted network equipment suppliers with a strong security track record in the United States.”

The US operator has already rubberstamped 5G equipment deals with European vendors Ericsson and Nokia, believed to be worth around $7 billion. Legere has said that the exclusion of Chinese vendors will provide a critical lift to such competitors and help protect the 5G supply chain for the United States and its allies.

Huawei and ZTE have vehemently denied that they are a security risk.

The T-Mobile US CEO is expected to read out the remarks during a hearing before Congress as he and Sprint chairman Marcelo Claure once again attempt to defend the merger that has been blasted by consumer watchdogs.

In December 2018, the deal received approval from a handful of US regulators after reports T-Mobile and Sprint’s parent companies agreed to review or drop Huawei equipment from their network plans.

Approvals from the Federal Communications Commission and the antitrust arm of the Department of Justice remain outstanding.