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Telefónica-owned O2 UK introduces Wi-Fi and 4G calling

O2 has switched on Wi-Fi and 4G calling, giving customers another way to stay connected. The launch of Wi-Fi calling gives customers the option of making and receiving calls over Wi-Fi even if they can’t connect to the mobile network, whilst 4G calling provides customers with clearer calls and better indoor coverage over 4G.

Both of these options work together to provide a seamless, uninterrupted experience and less dropped calls when moving between the two. From launch, Wi-Fi and 4G calling will be available to eligible iPhone 7 and 7 Plus customers on any O2 consumer Pay Monthly, SIM only and business tariffs, with customers shortly to receive a software update to enable Wi-Fi and 4G calling. More devices will be coming soon, the company says.

Customers can use Wi-Fi calling wherever there’s Wi-Fi coverage, while 4G calling will initially be available in London, Leeds and Slough with more cities rolling out over coming months. Wi-Fi and 4G calling allows customers with eligible handsets to be able to make voice calls using a Wi-Fi connection or the O2 4G network.

Wi-Fi calling can help when you can’t get a mobile signal, while 4G calling gives you great quality calls. In 4G calling areas, they work together, switching automatically and seamlessly between the two without dropping.

Wi-Fi calling uses any available Wi-Fi connection to help you make and receive calls. It’s perfect for when customers don’t have a phone signal but do have a Wi-Fi connection e.g. O2 Wi-Fi, home or office broadband. Although O2’s free TU Go app offers O2 customers the ability to make calls over Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi calling means no app is needed – just dial a number as normal.

4G calling means customers can make high-definition calls over the O2 4G network. This can bring benefits like better quality voice calls, a faster call set-up, better indoor coverage and longer battery life. It also means customers can make a 4G call and get online using 4G at the same time.