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Kuwait authorities crack down on illegal cable network

Written on Tuesday, 03 October 2017 07:02

According to Kuwait’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID), three men have been arrested in the country after successful raids in a residential area of Salmiya, where they had been operating a sophisticated illegal cable network. TV network OSN welcomed the news of a major blow to criminals stealing its content.

Detectices reportedly found dozens of illegal Dish TV India satellite set-up-boxes as well as pirated OSN hardware that were being used to illegally distribute content to 10,000 subscribers over a 15km area.

The discovery of the illegal cable network in Kuwait followed a six month investigation by the police after OSN’s dedicated Content Protection team filed a complaint with the Kuwait Ministry of Interior, CID and Ministry of Communications.

“I congratulate the Kuwait authorities for this successful operation against content piracy,” said OSN Chief Legal Officer, Sophie Moloney. “We are very grateful they have put a stop to this huge illegal cable network that was costing us millions of dollars in lost revenue.”

The arrested men now face charges of money laundering and misuse of Kuwait’s telecommunications infrastructure. OSN has been fighting TV piracy across the region, which “bleeds state exchequers” and “adversely impacts the creative industry” the company said.

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Eutelsat, one of the world’s leading satellite operators, first took shape in 1977. Its first satellite was launched in 1983, revolutionizing satellite television. Today, Eutelsat stands as one of the most innovative, service-led operators in the commercial satellite business. Eutelsat operates 40 satellites that provide premium coverage for Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. Ghassan Murat, commercial development director for Eutelsat Middle East, discusses the company’s recent partnership with OSN for more HD channels, its joint venture with ViaSat, and the company’s continuous growth as one of the world’s leading satellite operators.

Can you tell us about your recently announced partnership with OSN?

We are very proud of our partnership with OSN, the Middle East’s leading pay-TV provider that has increased its presence at our 7/8° West video neighbourhood, the number 1 position for TV in the Middle East. Additional capacity will enable OSN to host new HD channels and also sets the stage for the arrival of future Ultra HD (4K) TV. OSN’s trust in Eutelsat reflects our ability to provide customers with a service that suits their needs – premium signal quality and broad reach. OSN will use this capacity to address 2 million TV viewers receiving TV via our flagship TV position in the Middle East and North Africa.

How does Eutelsat address broadband scarcity in certain regions? For example, are you actively involved with helping to provide broadband to unconnected regions?

Eutelsat was an early adopter of satellite broadband capabilities and we are convinced satellite has a significant long-term role to play in connecting users to the internet. For countries with large landmass and low population density, satellite is often the only viable route to connectivity. A major advantage of satellite solutions is that they deliver the same quality to all users in its footprint. We provide broadband capacities for consumers as well as schools, hospitals, government agencies and enterprises, operating in finance, oil & gas and retail industries. As an infrastructure provider, we also provide capacity to telcos to secure or complement their fixed and mobile infrastructures.

250 million viewers watch channels via Eutelsat’s flagship TV neighbourhood at 7/8° West in the Middle East. How do you feel about this? Do you have plans to expand this even more?

Eutelsat’s 7/8° West neighbourhood is the first choice for multi-channel viewing in the region, with a penetration of over 90 percent of satellite homes in MENA. So how can we do more? One of our objectives is to respond to viewer demand for choice and higher signal quality, from digital to High Definition and beyond that to Ultra High Definition. The new capacity we launched in 2015 also enables us to increase diversity by accommodating more channels.

In February, we announced that Eutelsat had reached a new record of 6,000 TV channels broadcasting via our fleet. This is a huge milestone for us. It shows that we are further consolidating our position as a premium satellite operator and service provider to the global broadcasting industry. We are committed to pursuing this path of excellence.

Can you tell us about Eutelsat’s joint venture with ViaSat to expand satellite broadband in Europe?

This agreement is part of our global strategy in satellite broadband. We are partnering with blue chip partners in the telecommunications industry and starting to attract Silicon Valley companies. We recently announced a partnership with Facebook in Africa, and with Hughes Network Systems in South America. In both cases the objective is to provide internet access to users deprived of good internet connectivity. We have also partnered with ViaSat, a proven stakeholder in the American market, with over 700,000 subscribers. Using our KA-SAT satellite, we expect to merge our expertise with ViaSat to develop retail services in Europe that expand the share of satellite broadband in this market.

Can you tell us more about your KA-SAT satellite?

KA-SAT is a broadband infrastructure covering Europe and the Mediterranean Basin that suits user profiles that include consumers and enterprises. In terms of performance, it enables consumers to access the internet with speeds of up to 20 MB and 6 MB upstream. It is an unequalled route to a quality broadband connection for the many users beyond range of terrestrial broadband and the first pillar of a broadband strategy that we are deploying in other regions of the world, using improved technology as it becomes available.

Looking ahead, what is the future of Eutelsat? What projects can we expect from you in the future?

We want to continue to be part of the evolving broadcasting landscape in the Middle East. Our next step is to help increase signal quality by accompanying the transition of television signals to HD and Ultra HD while also proposing new television experiences for our customers such as multi-screen. We’ve invested over US$1 billion to future proof broadcasting and broadband services in the MENA region and we will continue to invest and innovate with passion in the years to come.

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OSN is ramping up capacity on the powerful EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite operated by Eutelsat Communications. Additional capacity at the Middle East’s flagship TV neighborhood will support more expansion for OSN, including new High Definition channels and the introduction of Ultra HD services.

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