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Telefonica Germany has said that it is currently in talks with Mercedes-Benz for a 5G mobile network which will be used to produce vehicles at the automaker’s Factory 56 plant in Sindelfingen, Germany.

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The new Mercedes-Benz E Class has been dubbed the world’s most hi-tech vehicle, with more autonomy than any other vehicle before it. The car can steer itself for up to 60 seconds, switch lanes at the press of a button, and the dashboard has a 25-inch widescreen with the same resolution as an Apple iPad. But it doesn’t come cheap, selling for roughly US$600,000.

The technology embedded in the new Mercedes E Class is expected to be implemented in other more affordable models in the future. Tech-enthusiasts are impressed by features in the hi-tech sedan such as ‘white noise’ being activated in the cabin moments before a collision, to prevent damage to eardrums when airbags deploy. The vehicle can also avoid contact with a vehicle in front – from 100km/h – if the driver is distracted, by slamming on the brakes at the last moment.

The vehicle is capable of sensing if it is about to be hit from behind, and will flash its brake lights to alert the driver of the oncoming car that it is about to crash. In order to prevent the E Class’ eighty-four LEDS in each headlight from blinding oncoming traffic, they can blank out the specific area around other cars as they approach.

The vehicle is a pinnacle of safety precautions. If it gets caught in a crosswind, the vehicle can automatically turn on the brakes – individually, and on either side of the car – to keep it in its lane. What’s more, if the car is about to experience impact from the side, the front seats can pivot slightly inboard to move the occupants away from the door and out of harm’s way. For a bit of added luxury, the new E Class features heated arm rests in the doors and a heated center console cover.

Other features, according to a report by the Daily Telegraph, include shutters behind the grille of the car which will close in cold conditions at freeway speeds to improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Not that fuel efficiency is a major issue for the new E Class… Despite the fact that the car is as big as a Holden Commodore, the petrol model E Class consumes the same amount of fuel as a small Toyota Yaris hatchback, while the diesel model is almost as frugal as a Toyota Prius.

For all its hi-tech features propelling it into the realm of leading auto technology, the new E Class has not been labeled an ‘autonomous car’ by Mercedes. In fact, the German automaker says the new E Class is “another major step toward autonomous driving” and describes its technology as “assistance systems.”

“It’s there when you need it, the technology should not replace driver attention,” said Jochen Haab, head of Mercedes autonomous car technology. The new E Class was reportedly tested in Australia, which was chosen by Mercedes because of its strict speed enforcement, making it “ideal” for autonomous vehicle systems because, unlike Europe, there is not great differentiation in traffic speeds.

“High differential speeds is not a topic in Australia,” said Haab. “That could be an enabler for Australia for higher levels of autonomy, because you don’t have another car approaching at 250km/h from behind (as can happen on a German autobahn). Australia is a very interesting country for us, long haul travel, very long stretches, good roads, and good road markings.”

“We will see this technology work first in freeway conditions, where there are not as many variables and it’s relatively easy for the car’s systems to read and understand other traffic,” he added. “Autonomous technology in city driving is some time away.”

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