Monaco welcomes Chinese President amid 5G tech worries

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Monaco, the only country in Europe that is not worried about the country’s aim to dominate the tech industry on a global scale.

On Sunday, Xi visited Monaco for the first time as part of his European tour which has been interesting to say the least as many countries have tried to limit the country’s appetite for growth in the tech industry.

The palace of Monaco stated that the country was looking to cooperate with China in terms of trade and economics but have not provided any details on the contracts that were signed between the two nations.

Last year, Monaco made a deal with Chinese-based tech giant Huawei which set out to help develop its 5G telecommunications network which has been quite a problematic issue within Europe recently in light of the US’s allegations against it and Australia’s barring of their equipment.

During the Chinese leader’s visit to Monaco, all flights have been banned from the airspace and yachts from sailing.

Xi is to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday in the French resort town Beaulieu-sur-Mer.  The area has been secured for his arrival as he will be staying there overnight.

The European Union is one of China’s most important trading partners however, many nations within the bloc are worried about unfair competition from Chinese companies.