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USA FIBER's new Ashburn ring

Written on Tuesday, 10 May 2016 07:05

USA FIBER signed one of the top three largest cloud services companies in the world in its newly installed conduit and dark fiber platform in Ashburn, VA. The client selected USA FIBER for the scale of inventory, quality of the construction and the engineering specifications within its secure underground conduit infrastructure.

In terms of overall power capacity, Northern Virginia, with a concentration in Ashburn, is the United States' largest data center market. With over 425 MW of commissioned critical power, this extremely mature market traces its roots to the U.S. Government's experiments in wide area fiber optic networking in 1969. Since then, the Northern Virginia area became a hub of low-latency connections to the national fiber network backbone serving Washington, DC's largest public and private enterprises. USA FIBER is one of the newest and largest infrastructure owners in the Ashburn market. Cloud services companies, like the one that just signed with USA FIBER, require a scale unprecedented in the industry, consuming multiple conduits to support the massive compute power. As an example of this scale, the compute power consumed in a full year, just four years ago, is now being consumed every month on leading cloud platforms.

"USA FIBER is a company built on a foundation laid over 58 years in the mission critical communications infrastructure industry. Providing underground conduit, maintained and managed by our experienced team in Northern Virginia to one of the three largest cloud services companies is an exciting step forward for our company, and the market. We have a strong pipeline coming from companies in enterprise, healthcare, government, content and cloud. Companies are looking to create the next generation secure and scalable network infrastructure they control," said John Schmitt, Chief Revenue Officer at USA FIBER.

The Ashburn Ring offers clients complete access to USA FIBER's 7.2 mile diverse ring and the ability to simply connect into over 30 of the key data centers, including key peering points such as Equinix. USA FIBER is connecting the Ashburn Ring to its newest project currently under construction, the Ashburn Express, a low latency cable system being built to connect Ashburn to Montgomery County, MD and on to Baltimore, MD on a new underground boring of the Potomac River, separated from the current routes that go through Washington, DC. Cloud services, government, carriers and enterprise clients will be able to reduce latency by upwards of 25% and connect to Ashburn without regens once the network is complete in late 2016.

USA FIBER Announces Major Dark Fiber Peering Platform Win

Written on Tuesday, 19 April 2016 13:40

USA FIBER announced the activation of one of the largest integrated telecommunications carriers in the United States on its newly installed dark fiber platform in Ashburn, VA. The carrier selected USA FIBER for its innovative ring and drop peering structure, allowing complete access to all of the Ashburn data centers cost effectively, with new fibers and high performance specifications on the network.

According to Loudoun County Economic Development up to 70 percent of the world's internet traffic flows through Loudoun's data centers each day. Loudoun is home to more than 60 data centers with over 3,000 technology companies housed within, occupying more than nine million square feet of data centers are currently operational or under development. This massive footprint of compute, home to innovative platforms like Equinix, Amazon AWS, Visa continues to grow with available incentives include a six percent sales and use tax exemption on servers, generators, chillers and server-related equipment.

"When we built the dark fiber peering platform for Ashburn we knew that scale, performance, density, and simplicity were key attributes we wanted the market to associate with us. We leveraged our in-house fiber engineering expertise to detail those specifications into every aspect of the platform. It is exciting to see that a multi-billion telecommunications carrier, one of the 5 largest in the US, validated our model and is actively using our dark fiber platform," said Judd Carothers, Chief Operating Officer of USA FIBER.

The dark fiber peering platform offers clients complete access to USA FIBER's new Ashburn ring and the ability to connect to up to 35 data centers across a single pair for a flat monthly recurring fee. USA FIBER has built the newest dark fiber platform for the Ashburn, VA market enabling 7 miles of 100% underground, highly scalable fiber optics to serve even the most demanding of applications.