Revealed: The world’s first passenger drone

Written on Wednesday, 27 January 2016 13:26
The 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcased in January in Las Vegas, Nevada, once again attracted a huge audience from around the globe with its incredibly diverse range of futuristic technology. While some people marveled at the amazing LG foldable TV screen, others were transfixed by the Ehang-184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV): The world's very first drone able to carry passengers.

Comparison: Samsung Gear S2 vs. Apple Watch

Written on Wednesday, 27 January 2016 09:27
In 2015, smartwatches were received by the world with a mixture of excitement and skepticism. Smartwatches are basically wearable computing devices worn on a user's wrist offering functionality and capabilities similar to those of a smartphone. Some people were excited about adding a new device to their collection of smart devices, while others doubted the necessity of smartwatches, because of their blatantly similar features to smartphones; such as connecting to the internet, making calls, sending messages and providing fitness monitoring.…

LG introduces first roll-up TV screen prototype

Written on Wednesday, 20 January 2016 11:46
Picture this: You have a small studio apartment; therefore it’s important that you fill the space wisely. In the small amount of space, you fill it with a bed, a couch, and a coffee table, in addition to a small kitchen. For most of us this is the standard, except for one important item that is missing… a television. The only downside to owning a television - especially in a small studio - is that it takes up room, unless…

Countdown to the iPhone 7 begins

Written on Wednesday, 16 December 2015 10:50
Adoring tech fans around the world will not be disappointed by 2016. As one of the key players, Apple continues to lead the technological revolution, with their most anticipated product set to be released in September. The iPhone 6 and 6S Plus models have only recently fallen into the hands of loyal customers, but we all know that Apple doesn't sit still. They have "big plans" for the much-anticipated iPhone 7, and many sources have spoken out about rumors surrounding…

Pi Zero minicomputer costs just $5

Written on Wednesday, 16 December 2015 10:33
Pi Zero is an amazing single-board computer that is smaller than a credit card, at 65mm long, 30mm wide and 5mm tall. It is also astoundingly cheaper than the already affordable original Raspberry Pi, which is priced at $25. The new Pi Zero has gone on sale for just $5. The tiny piece of technology is a fully fledged Linux-running Raspberry Pi computer, that is said to be 40 percent faster than the original Raspberry Pi launched back in 2012.…
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