Dubai Police introduces world’s first ‘Robocop’ in UAE

Dubai Police in the UAE has formally inducted a robot cop into the force. The uniformed ‘Robocop’ is able to read human faces and identify potential threats. Citizens can report a crime to the robot, submit paperwork, or pay fines for traffic violations via a touch screen on its chest. The Dubai Police worked with Watson, IBM’s AI system, on voice command recognition.

There are distinctive advantages to having non-humans on police patrol, Dubai Police told Reuters: “These kinds of robots can work 24/7. They won’t ask you for leave, sick leave or maternity leave. It can work around the clock.”

The specialized REEM robot, standing at 5 feet 6 inches high, was designed by Spanish company PAL Robotics, with its mission as “Leading humanoid robotics for the real world.” The company has been developing humanoid robotic solutions since 2004. The prototype was unveiled last year at the annual Dubai-based GITEX electronics trade show.

The Government of Dubai says it’s optimistic about the potential of future robot models to take a more hands-on approach in the police force. The Dubai Police department says it aims to have 25 percent of its police force composed of robot officers by the year 2030.

Speaking to Gulf News, Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razouqui, the General Director of Dubai Police’s Smart Services Department, said: “We are looking to make everything smart in Dubai Police. By 2030, we will have the first smart police station which won’t require human employees.”

The government has plans over the next two years for the “world’s largest robot” which can run at 80kmp.The future robot will stand at 3 meters tall and will carry heavy equipment and will be maneuvered by a police officer seated in a cabin inside. An egg-shaped robot will be used in parking areas to issue warnings about traffic violations, and self-driving motorcycles could also be sent out.