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Facebook accused of breaking law in Vietnam

Written on Thursday, 10 January 2019 13:08

Vietnam has accused Facebook of breaching a new cybersecurity law by failing to take down anti-government content from its pages and advertising illegal products such as weapons and counterfeit goods.

The law – which came into place on January 1st - requires internet companies to remove "toxic content" and hand over user data when requested by authorities.

A report broadcast on Vietnam Television said that the Ministry of Information and Communications had sent several letters and emails to the company requesting the removals of pages calling for anti-government activities, but that the social media giant had delayed and failed to remove the pages from its site 

Vietnam also accused the company of hosting advertisements for illegal products such as counterfeit money, fake goods, weapons and fireworks.

Facebook claim that the information did not violate community standards, and remains transparent about the content restrictions they make pursuant with local law.

"We have a clear process for governments to report illegal content to us, and we review all these requests against our terms of service and local law," a spokeswoman from Facebook said.

The consequences for violating the law are expected to be laid out in a decree which has yet to be made public and Facebook are the first reprimand since the controversial bill came into place days ago.

Vietnam has said the bill is designed to improve cybersecurity in the country, but has drawn widespread criticism from the US, the EU and web freedom groups. Critics have said the new legislation is a means to control online expression – similar to China’s strict censorship laws.  

As all independent press and public protests are banned, social media is a crucial platform for activists in communist Vietnam, with over 53 million Facebook user profiles. However, reports in recent months suggest that Facebook posts have disappeared and accounts been blocked.

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New Zealand eyes Vietnam’s technology market

Written on Sunday, 12 June 2016 06:33

New Zealand is hoping to boost its technology trade with Vietnam: it has opened a new Kiwi technology center at Quang Trung Software City, in Ho Chi Minh City, to act as a hub for New Zealand technology companies investing in and doing business in Vietnam and the ASEAN region.

The development is headed by New Zealand software services business Augen Software Group, which last year became the first New Zealand company to win a Vietnam IT Excellence award Health-related technology companies Orion Health and HealthTech, and apparel manufacturing optimization company ShapeShifter will also have a presence in the center.

Opening the new center, New Zealand’s Economic Development Minister, Steven Joyce, said: “Our companies lead the world in a number of market sectors as diverse as wireless infrastructure, health IT, transport and logistics technologies, digital content, geospatial, and telecommunications. “This is a fantastic opportunity for New Zealand technology companies and I look forward to more of them utilizing the Kiwi Connection hub and meeting with businesses from around the region who want to work with New Zealand companies and use technology services from within ASEAN.”

The opening of the center was part of a program of events celebrating business and tourism links between New Zealand and Viet Nam, with the Minister travelling on the first direct Air New Zealand flight between Auckland and Ho Chi Minh City.

Viet Nam is New Zealand’s fastest growing trade market in Southeast Asia, with merchandise exports doubling since 2007.

Joyce also announced plans to build the NZ/Viet Nam Friendship Bridge across Dien Bien Phu Street – a major arterial route in Ho Chi Minh City, using Glulam, a New Zealand wood-based construction material  that is lighter and stronger than steel.

The minister also announced an extra $NZ3.6 million in funding over four years for the ‘New Zealand Story’,  an initiative designed to build New Zealand’s profile internationally to benefit exporters. He said his visit to Ho Chi Minh City had “underlined the size of the challenge of growing and maintaining the awareness of New Zealand not just here, but in hundreds of key cities across the Asia-Pacific region and the wider world.”

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Hanoi Telecom upgrades Infinera-based optical network

Written on Sunday, 08 May 2016 11:37

Vietnamese mobile network operator Hanoi Telecom Corporation (HTC) has selected Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks to upgrade its optical network. It has extended its existing Infinera TM-Series metro network with the DTN-X family for its backbone connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau. According to Infinera, the upgrade will enable HTC to differentiate its services and manage costs as it increases network capacity.

“The selection via Infinera's established local partner, Nissho Electronics Vietnam positions HTC with a unified metro and backbone network that includes a common network management system for rapid service delivery in the region,” Infinera said.

HTC is the first operator in Vietnam to use the Infinera DTN-X XTC Series and this is the first time any network in Vietnam has deployed equipment supporting 500Gbps super-channels, according to Infinera.

“With this deployment, HTC leverages Infinera's unique Instant Bandwidth which enables optical capacity to be software-activated in 100Gbps increments with the click of a mouse,” it said.

“The integrated metro and core backbone platforms from Infinera allow HTC to have a unified network with the common DNA management system simplifying operations and accelerating service innovation. The Infinera DTN-X XTC series enables HTC to deliver 500Gbps super-channels today and supports a forward-scale design to provide multi-terabit super-channels in the future.”

Infinera added: “The high capacity super channels are made possible through the use of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) developed and fabricated by Infinera — the only supplier delivering 500Gbps of transmission capacity from a single line card today. The DTN-X XTC series integrates wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) super channel transmission with up to 12Tbps of optical transport network (OTN). In addition, the DTN-X XTC Series integrates packet switching for sub-wavelength service management and provides seamless expansion as traffic requirements grow in the future.”

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